Misleading: KiteTicker provides snapshot data, NOT TICK data

The name KiteTicker is quite misleading. The data coming through the kiteticker is snapshot data, NOT TICK data. I'm giving here a sample example what TICK data looks like: (representational value, not to be interpreted as exact)

1633096974000, ZOMATOEQ, 2021092775821610, N;L, B, 13980, 1000
1633096974055, ZOMATOEQ, 2021092775821610, M;L, B, 13990, 1000
1633096974100, ZOMATOEQ, 2021092775821610, C;L, B, 13990, 1000
1633096974600, ZOMATOEQ, 2021092775821890, N;L, B, 14040, 1000
1633096974610, ZOMATOEQ, 2021092775821982, N;L, S, 14140, 500
1633096974612, ZOMATOEQ, 2021092775821982, M;L, S, 14110, 500
1633096974615, ZOMATOEQ, 2021092775821890, T, S, 14020, 1000
1633096974620, ZOMATOEQ, 2021092775821982, T, B, 14110, 500

There is some other information (like openinterest in case of FO) which I don't recall. Also I don't remember the exact format of the Identifier(ZOMATOEQ above). The sequence of the columns may be swapped. Overall any change in the market corresponds to a Tick and one line (one packet) is given in binary format referring to that change. If no change occurs in the market, no tick comes.

columns: Time, Identifier, OrderID, TickType(N,M,C,T);OrderType(Limit, Market, IoC etc.), OrderSide(Buy/Sell), Price, Quantity
N: New order
M: Modification
C: Cancel
T: Trade
L: Limit order
B: Buy order
S: Sell order

B and S in  case of Trade Tick refers to whether trade occurred at BID1 or at ASK1 (trade can only occur either at BID1 or at ASK1. If levels get cleared by the Trade, previous BID2/ASK2 becomes the new BID1/ASK1). I'm not sure if this information is provided by the exchange. If not, can easily be extracted from the Tick data.
All the levels can be extracted from this data as well.

Total no of ticks (say; BANKNIFTY options, ATM strike on expiry day) is around 4-5 crore. Compared to that, information provided by vendor/broker is very little.
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