400% losses thanks to Bugs in zerodha Bracket Order and Penalty charges for zerodha bugs

I have reported them several times.,
1) Bracket Order is buggy and dangerous every day we need to track and do manual safe guards The Problem: When a BO order executes it creates 2 leg orders viz., Target order and Stop Loss order. When in turn either of the leg orders gets executed it should cancel out the other leg order, for eg., if target order is executed it should cancel out stop loss order and vice versa. I have reported same on your developer forums too but had only silly responses what they said was "you need to keep distance between target and stop loss to more or else it could happen that both stop loss and target orders getting executed..." here is the proof of how your software is buggy. Here is a clear proof that zerodha some times never cancels the stop loss order on execution of the target order and is not the case that stop loss order and target order were closely put and market being volatile both got executed.
Here is todays example
180529001152651 << Parent BO Order Id
180529001152653 << Leg Target Order Id Which got executed
180529001152654 << Stop Loss Order Id which should have got cancelled when Target order had got executed..
if you see 180529001152654 never got canceled which is a clear proof of the bug, I had to manually set it at lower price so that it doesnt get executed.

I once had suffered 22% loss on a single stock in single position PCjewelers it was when it moved around 40% in single day and I couldnt exit as there was no where I could exit that from. 2) So many times your stocks available for margin is shown wrongly... take example for yesterday GDL Gateway Distriparks Ltd was shown as was available for margin trading and when we trade it was blocked. the bugs been there for so long.. These bugs are really irritating and is highly dangerous and have been proven so in my test run at zerodha so far. And the responses from zerodha has always been trivial, and un-sensitive you cannot get into a league of top brokers if your software is so dangerous and your support is so insensitive.

180504000910357 parent order id
180504000910620 target order id
180504000910621 stoploss order id

Exchange order id from contract notes
1200000003090292 11:29:56 51446001 11:29:56 PCJEWELLER B 20 149.50 149.5000 (2990.00) Parent Order 180504000910357

1200000003090429 11:33:57 51471984 11:33:57 PCJEWELLER S 20 148.95 148.9500 2979.00
Target Executed 180504000910620
1200000003090430 11:45:09 51548118 11:45:09 PCJEWELLER S 20 147.00 147.0000 2940.00
Stop Loss order id 180504000910621
1200000006997644 15:26:22 53571528 15:26:22 PCJEWELLER B 20 178.25 178.2500 (3565.00) additional square off by zerodha.,

So here is the loss i suffered on a singly stock
PCJEWELLER Bought at 149.50
Sold by adjusting target price at 148.95 -- exite taking loss of -0.37% (My booked losses)
Stop loss order executed which should actuall have been cancelled @ 147.00
no way you can exit the same.as there is nothing in orders menu to exit it, it only got exited at 15:26:22 by an

additional square off order by zerodha @ 178.25 loss of -21.26% or -400% of your capital

ZERODHA ANY MORE WITH SUCH BUGs and their take to the wall support?

Ok here is not the end of the story as you may think could there be any thing more., the shameless people even charged an

additional call and trade charge for exiting the non exitable position.

2) NEW BUG: Frozen Order Page:
Today Since 3:10 before i could exit my positions the orders page just froze... I opened even on different computer its was still frozen and its stayed frozen till 4:10pm. There by I could not exit my positions, I immidiately put a mail on [email protected] asking them to login and check my account has been frozen, and verify the same what I was saying, but they where shameless only to let me know that the positions are now auto squared off, they didnt even bother to look into the bug.
the bug could be a memory leak, Its possbily because of more than 10 open positions and nearly 120 traded positions and volatile market for which zerodha has not tested its software for? as its live ticks which shows up.

there were about 10 open positions which I had to exit... now i have been charged call and trade charges Rs.188.. is this the new way to loot us?


3) Zerodha margin calculator and stocks shown is allways wrong, we pick stocks looking and margin calculator or api, but always its found that when we actually go to trade some of the stocks are never availalble for margin trading. dont understand what taken you so long to update such a small bug., yesterday GDL was shown having margin for trading but when we actually did it was not available.

With such bugs and whats more the attitude of the non-existant support team, its really bad and pity has to say zerodha is only good on paper, and most times we end up talking to walls, even when we have genuine concerns and our concerns would infact benefit zerodha solving their bugs but your attitude seems to only hide them, we dont say everything will be perfect in day, but dont show us the walls., and dont penalize us for your bugs.,

  • Matti

    1) Here's what happened. The same instant that your target order was completed, you tried to modify the SL order. This sent two state change for requests for the same order to the system(RMS). In such cases, the RMS would process the first request and discard the second. This is how our vendors have built the system and we are working with them to get this changed. However, this takes time. Also, the chances of this happening are one in a million, considering that the user action has to happen within microseconds of the target execution.

    As for what to do when you have such an order you can't cancel? That is much simpler. You can simply call our support desk, and we can cancel the order for you.

    I'm only answering this here so there's clarity on how BO works. Since your question is actually about Kite, and your account, more than about the APIs, I suggest you write to support or call our support desk. This forum is for Kite Connect related queries only. Refrain from posting content not relevant to the forum to avoid suspension of your posting rights here.
  • raminde
    No dear thats wrong I did not alter the order in microseconds but atleast after like 5-10 minitues later when i found a single open order without its counter part, that means it didnt cancel in those 10 minitues.,(I guess thats a long enuf time to cancel the order when its counter part has got executed)

    Besides thats not one of the cases either not one in million I already gave you 2 order references of the same, I can give you more. Every alternate day this thing happens. I If you have access check my ledger book and check my logs of more that 3 weeks before where ever you find I have been charged "call and trade charges" most of the times its coz of that bug where both orders got executed, I keep stop loss of 1.5% which is decent enuf,

    Since I suffered 22% I have been keeping an eye of such single entries and been adjusting the values to unreachable levels, atleast I remember of 5 such instances this month where I manually adjusted the price.

    Having suffered 22% the other day I can only keep an eye on such single orders, I do it to safeguard as having a position exactly in opposite direction at 2-3% even lower if its a stop loss trigger and leaving it open to volatile markets.,

    Even the above PC JEWELLER Example I gave where both orders got executed notice the time difference. One Target order got executed @ 11:33:57 and stop loss order got executed @ 11:45:09 aproximately 12 minitues after the first order got executed, here there was no modification of original order.

    1200000003090429 11:33:57 51471984 11:33:57 PCJEWELLER S 20 148.95 148.9500 2979.00
    Target Executed 180504000910620
    1200000003090430 11:45:09 51548118 11:45:09 PCJEWELLER S 20 147.00 147.0000 2940.00
    Stop Loss order id 180504000910621

    If you want I can share more such orders.

    As for your suggestion of simply calling the support desk when they exit it for you... they charge you call and trade charges and they never reverse them., for the bug of zerodha which is ridiculous.
    And the staff in here is far better than the support staff out there which really doesnt bother., I have already raised so many tickets already hadnt got any response except the information that I have been charged which they wont reverse and that my orders have been exited., I guess some with spare time should go follow up the matter where zerodha is really not interested in solving such a serious bug., and on the top they shamelessly charge you.,
  • vandanchopra
    vandanchopra edited January 12
    Why is there no response from Zerodha to this? How can a conversation which is this sensitive be left open since May 18? If it has been resolved directly with the customer, can you please put the resolution here, so that others can ensure they don't face the same issue, cause this is scary !

    @sujith i'm marking you here, cause i've always noticed your responses to be very thorough and helpful. Thanks in advance.
  • themohammedfaisal
    @Matti had already answered the queries pointed out by the user. BO orders continue to work fine for all users. This problem occurs only when the stop-loss and target are kept too close and in volatile markets only.
    Over the years, we've had significant improvements in our systems(exchange line capacity, RMS validation speed, etc) that has reduced the issues.
    If you have an account specific query, please create a ticket here.
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