Quote call returns inconsistent in 'data' field.

Quote call returns inconsistent in 'data' field. Intermittently two columns -- circuit limit low and circuit limit high is passed in the 'data' dict. If it is consistent then it is ok. But this comes intermittently. Please resolve this ASAP
  • sujith
    The quote response is a key-value pair. It shouldn't matter if there are new fields being added. The issue arises when there is a missing key.
    Circuit limits is an experimental feature which will be announced soon. You might be receiving a response from a different server. Hence this might be happening intermittently.
  • vvijay
    You are introducing something which is not in the documentation and try to justify it. Not acceptable
  • sujith
    The response is not an ordered list. It is a key-value pair, how does it matter. It should not break any user app.
  • vvijay
    Typical Indian customer service. Stick to the documentation or announce that youare experimenting with new key - value pair. How does it matter is not the right response. In that case please mention in your specs that you will be experimenting new key value pairs that too intermittently in the documentation
  • Vivek
    @vvijay Seems this is an issue and we will check this at our end. Also, we all are devs who hangout here and try to answer your queries so please be civil.
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