Simulate web browser to automate order placing

vineetvsb edited July 2019 in General
Can we simulate web browser like environment to place order and monitor price movements in zerodha ?
  • alokkumar10
    alokkumar10 edited July 2019
    Use automatate
  • ZI4453
    @vineetvsb .. You can try selenium but i am not sure how far you will be successful in doing so .. Trading platforms are User/IP/Http Requests sensitive and servers will be able to easily identify "headless" browsing from human...
    moreover you will need live data access to take decisions- i am skeptic that browser interface scrapping can give you such data, firing orders is least of your worries... API is more useful in data access & processing than order placing..

    Please share your actual views_if you feel_so we can learn something from your ideas.
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