Data scraping

I wanted to know that if i make an algorithm to scrape realtime data of stocks and indices from kite, would that be unethical or more strongly illegal?
  • arhsim
    Also if i could myself make an API to fill my basic need to see the orderbook, place orders, update orders and other simple things without taking your subscription, would that be illegal too?
  • Matti
    Matti edited October 2020
    @arhsim You'll first need to define what your end-goal here is. Can you PM me details, please?

    Edit: So as to not sound cryptic, just asking for a PM, Kite and all associated services are owned and operated by Zerodha. How you use them should not violate our terms or devalue our IP. Also, and more importantly, the market data you see is proprietary to the exchanges and there are strict regulations that need to be kept in mind when handling it.
  • rahul_malpehero
    @Matti @arhsim So what is final outcome here? Can we use Kite API for our algo trading without paying cost for connect API?
  • Gaurao
    Gaurao edited April 19
    Hi Team,
    I want to understand if below thing is unethical or more strongly illegal.
    If we have zerodha account and if I open kite website in my browser then Browser makes call to zerodha API for different purpose like get historic data or place order. If person uses same API (which is triggered from browser) and make programattic call to API, will it be illegal?

    Thanks & Regards,
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