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  • Pradeep
    Kite.Login() is not opening the browser window - can you please help - i am not able to login
    August 2017
  • Pradeep
    i am using kite connect - when teh call login() is made a window opens but it is blank - do we need to install a browser control?
    August 2017
  • Pradeep
    i have a zerodha account and i am trying the .Net library and Visual studio - the code compiles and i am entering the keys - a window pops up but there is no content - not redirecting - completely blank - it is not giving any error - it hangs - am i missing anything? do i need to register teh dlls - appreciate your response
    August 2017
  • paragsatpute
    On the Kite Connect API site, it is mentioned " Never embed the api_secret in a mobile app or client side application, web or otherwise. Similarly, access_token should never be exposed publically."

    Why the KiteXL file has the provision to give the API Secret ?
    June 2017
  • Krishan007
    hi I wanted to trade from excel.....can u plsss give me ur no. or mail id so that I can contact u.......????
    March 2017
  • pawandev
    Hi buddy.... I have seen your work(Howutrade). Good work. I'm beginner. How can I use "KiteDotNet.dll" in web form application? I have created a simple web application(C#) and include DLLin bin. I need simple login and order place functionality. Your help really appreciated. thanks
    February 2017
  • alpha

    I logged in KiteXL and it downloads position and other data. However section, no price is loading and doing F2+Enter on subscribe quotes, It turns to False. When I opened the workbook in the morning everything was working fine, but then on closing and opening it again, i started facing this issue. I clicked on symbol download but I get message "Symbol Downloaded" message, I also clicked "Start Websocket" but nothing happens.

    Can you please guide on what is causing the error here and how to troubleshoot this.

    February 2017
  • jasdeepwalia
    sir need urgent help.. i want live quotes for banknifty.. not able to get.. i created quotes received method but not working

    public void Quotes_Received(Object sender, KiteDotNet.QuotesReceivedEventArgs args)
    January 2017
  • desiredoom
    hi , im using kitexl, i have =subscribequotes("NSE","INFY") showing true but when i trying =rtd("kite.rtdserver",,"INFY.NSE","LAST") IT SHOWS 0 and not updating , please let me know what i am missing
    January 2017
  • desiredoom
    im trying to use KITEXL for trading through excel using the sample excel sheet , I logged in and waited for the instruments to download after that in the marketwatch it shows "Trade Symbol is Null or Invalid" for =SuscribeQuotes("NSE","AXISBANK") , pls advise ?

    January 2017
  • k365
    i am in huge problem for last 2 months, stuck up at starting stage.. plz guide me..

    i tried running the sample app of kite

    but nothing helped. it ended at error 404 after i agree to grant permission. then it shows login cancelled by user when i close its browser window

    can u plz help in this. it would be better if you can share your phone number
    November 2016