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  • AtomRov
    Hello Kailash.
    once i get the request token y call te api and I get
    {"status": "error", "message": "Invalid session credentials", "error_type": "TokenException"}
    how could i get some help with this issue?
    if you want write me to [email protected]

    July 2016
  • AtomRov
    Im developing an application in C# i got the access token using a web browser but any time that i try to use it i got a 403 error, any idea how fix the issue?
    July 2016
  • AtomRov
    Hi Kailash, i need help with kite connect using c#, documentation is not clear.
    July 2016
  • Kailash changed their profile picture.
    May 2016
  • manjeet.imaniac

    I am getting this error "That API call is not allowed for the authenticated user" while trying to get access token

    This is what I got with my own written code

    And this is what I got with you official php library

    May 2016
  • jay
    I got this error @ 9:15 AM
    This error is given when redirecting to registered URL

    Now when tried at 11:50AM it is working but i think URL has changed
    Previous it was:
    Now it is
    April 2016
  • kpskps
    Hi Kailash
    I wanted to use Kite APIs to trade via algorithms, as in place orders via a code, get live order feed / price movements and make trade on the basis of that, could you guide me through the process of this.
    March 2016
  • System
    Ping! An activity post is a public way to talk at someone. When you update your status here, it posts it on your activity feed.
    January 2016