For individuals

Trade with your favorite programming language using our HTTP/JSON APIs.

What is it for?

Programmatic trading and account access–you can use Kite Connect APIs to place and manage real orders across various segments, pull your positions and holdings, analyse live market prices and much more. It is meant for developers who want to trade programmatically without being bound to a trading platform UI.

The APIs are simple to understand, REST-like HTTP/JSON APIs that you can use with your favorite programming language, or even just the command line.


As an individual trader, you are confined to the trading platform your broker gives you. You have no direct access over your own data or your own trading experience, both of which are dictated entirely by the broker's platform. In addition, brokers may not have the technological prowess to keep up with cutting edge innovations in software, leaving you in a limbo.

With Kite Connect APIs, you get true freedom and control over your data and the trading experience, both of which you are rightly entitled to.

What are the requirements?

The trades are executed via Zerodha, India's biggest discount broker. You need a trading account with Zerodha to access the APIs. If you already have one, you can signup for a developer account and get started instantly. If you don't have a trading account, open one here.

If you have multiple Zerodha trading accounts, you can use access the APIs with any or all of them separately.

Do I need approvals?

Zerodha has already obtained necessary approvals for Kite Connect APIs for individuals. You need not seek any additional approvals and can get started with the APIs immediately.

Are there any fees?

Yes, there is a fixed monthly fee for accessing the APIs. You can see the exact fees after logging into your developer account.

In addition, Zerodha's brokerage applies to executed orders–₹0 (FREE) for equity delivery and ₹20 flat for other segments.

How do I get my API keys?

  • Get a Zerodha trading account if you don't already have one.
  • Create a Kite Connect developer account.
  • Login to your Kite Connect developer account and use the "Create +" button to create a Kite Connect app and obtain the API keys. You will have to furnish your Zerodha trading client ID for this.
  • Enjoy programmatic trading!

Kite Connect API

₹2000 / month

Candles API

₹2000 / month

These are valid only for Zerodha clients for building interfaces for their personal use.

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