Kite Publisher

Copy–paste and embed trade buttons on your website.

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What is it for?

Embedding buttons on websites and apps that allow users to execute trades. The Kite Publisher buttons can be integrated into your website by copy-pasting a few lines of HTML and Javascript.

With Kite Publisher, 2+ million clients of Zerodha can use the trade buttons on your website or app to execute trades.


Better user experience for your end users, be it readers of your financial blog or consumers of your market analysis. A trading experience unlike anything for them, and prospects of added revenue for you.

Do I need approvals?

There are no approvals required. When a user clicks on a Kite Publisher button on your website, an inline popup opens with Kite, Zerodha's exchange-approved platform, where the trade happens.

Is there any fees?

No, Kite Publisher is available free of charge.

How do I get my trade buttons?