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Kite Connect 3.1 — Changes


GTT orders

  • Added support placing, updating, and deleting for GTT orders

Quote Call

Historical Data

  • Added OI to historical candle data response

Kite Connect 3.0 — Changes

The new APIs continue to be on the same route, but to connect to the 3.0 backend, the header X-Kite-Version: 3 should be sent with every HTTP request. This is illustrated throughout the documentation in the curl examples.

API endpoint changes

Endpoint Status  
/quote New Retrieve complete market quotes (including depth) for up to 500 instruments in one go
/quote/ohlc New Retrieve OHLC quotes for up to 1000 instruments in one go
/quote/ltp New Retrieve LTP (last_price) quotes for up to 1000 instruments in one go
/user/profile New Retrieve user profile
/market/instruments/:exchange/:tradingsymbol Removed Replaced by the new /quote API


For obtaining a 3.0 login session, the query param v=3 should be added to the initial login URL.


In the previous version, request authentication was done by sending the api_key and access_token query parameters. In 3.0, this has been replaced by the Authorization header. This is evident in all the examples in this documentation.

All requests now have to be authenticated by sending the HTTP header:

Authorization: token api_key:access_token


  • The new WebSocket address is wss:// This is already embedded into the updated Kite Connect 3.0 client libraries.
  • The WebSocket API's binary quote protocol has changed to accommodate new fields. The new packet structure is described in the WebSocket section. New fields — Open Interest, Open Interest Day High, Open Interest Day Low, Last trade timestamp, and Exchange timestamp.

  • The WebSocket API now also supports delivery of realtime order Postbacks and other types of messages.

  • For connection authentication, the old combination of api_key, user_id, public_token is not supported anymore. It is now just api_key and access_token query parameters.

  • The number of instruments that can be subscribed to has been increased from 200 to 1000.

Changes to API responses

Date Change
/session/token New fields:

Changed fields:
order_type -> order_types
exchange -> exchanges
product -> products

Removed fields:
/portfolio/positions New fields:
New fields:

Removed fields:


Date Change
2019-12-10 Released minor feature updates - Kite Connect 3.1
2018-01-17 Major version upgrade to Kite Connect 3 from API v1.
2017-09-11 Introduced bulk quote APIs
2016-05-07 /orders call and bracket order modification and cancellation now involve the new parent_order_id parameter
2016-07-02 Several new fields added to the Webhooks payload (exchange_timestamp, order_type, product, unfilled_quantity, validity)
2017-09-11 Added support for granular timestamp from and to queries to historical data APIs
2017-09-12 Added bulk quote fetch APIs
2017-11-13 Added support for 'UPDATE' Postbacks