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  • Thanks, will try this out and see how it progresses.
  • Hi, Thanks for the reply. I will be honest, I went through some of the posts on multithread and they say it fixes the issue but I could not find a post that actually says what to do. I understand that I have to do kws.connect(threaded=True) instead…
  • I am asking, should I call the unsub inside on_click()? I have called the subscr 1st time round from inside on_connect(). Once streaming starts, I think on_connect() will not be called and only on_click() will be called?
  • Thanks for the reply. I am not doing any calculation inside on_tick(). The symbols that should remain subscribed are being calculated in a different program. The information is passed via a db. I am only checking the time inside the on_tick() to cha…
  • Yes it was for historical API. I think it was because of my internet. It is working fine now.
  • I found this https://websockets.readthedocs.io/en/stable/faq.html If we search for 1006 in this page I think the internet connection thing gets confirmed.
  • I think this is happening due to insufficient internet bandwidth or weak internet connection. The same code was working fine since morning. Now that I opened few web pages to explore this error more, I suddenly got the error again. The auto connect …
  • Hi @rakeshr , Thanks for the reply. However in insert_tick function, I am inserting to a MySQL table. If error is due to float then it would have thrown DB error? I am not using any string replace in my db insert command.
  • Thanks. So you are saying that I comment out the ws.stop() line in the on_close function? I tried doing that as well. The result was, the error kept on coming without the code stopping. If I keep ws.stop() line then the code just stops after the 1st…
  • Thanks
  • Thanks for the OI! 1st in the API space! Great help