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  • @sujith If i subscribe 3 tokens, some time it give data of 1 token, sometimes it gives data of 2 tokens. So i am not able to save it to different dataframes. can you plz tell in respect of dataframe, how to differentiate each tick in live mark…
  • @MAG HI again somehow , i am able to paper trade 1 script with my system successfully. now i want to do it with more than 1 script, to get more better results of this system, i am using tick data, and not able to understand how to differentiate ti…
  • @tonystark We can't use this simple calculation for intraday, as data of 1st 9-10 heikin aishi candles are false data. Any other effective way to get heikin aishi candles ?
  • @MAG (ignore it, solved, if have better way to do it, plz guide) hi again. need guidance i am saving ticks in a dataframe df which have 2 columns time and ticks then i convert time column to datetimeindex and set it as index colum, so that i ca…
  • @MAG thank you so much for your kind response. Little things make big difference. A professional can guide us this way. Thankx a lot. Lucky i found you for guidance.
  • @MAG i just want to re-confirm One more thing , Any reason for not using threading in 1 script to accomplish all 3 tasks instead of 3 different individual scripts ?
  • candles provided by zerodha is for backtest purpose. we cant rely on live candles for intraday. live candles are delay by some (considerable) seconds.
  • @MAG thank you for the quick reply. you said you run 3 scripts, and 3rd script to make candle for example you are making 1 minutes candle's ohlcv from ticks, at a particular time , you make all candles again to get the data of the last candle, o…
  • @MAG hi, how to run 3 python scripts simultaneously....