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  • Just Updating for somebody else reference. combination of PathLocationStrategy and redirection to index.html using .htaccess resolve issue of non # url page refresh issue. and and without # kite redirection works fine. https://www.tektutorialshub.c…
  • @Vivek, Thanks for revert, need to dig deeper down regarding angular.
  • Additional point :- `PathLocationStrategy` has demerits, it doesn't load a page on page refresh[ctrl+r or f5] so we have to switch it to `HashLocationStrategy`. still I believe kite redirect API is not correct or we can say not compatible with lates…
  • Hi thanks for reply, Yes I can handle redirection at backend and just again read the documentation that you have redirect_params option in login api to get back extra unique identification for user session at my end. This resolves my problem. thank…
  • redirection should be on given url, right?, else if you are going to actually redirect to base_url then there is no need to ask for redirect_url separately in app configuration. Don't you think so?
  • all the code which process request_token is inside zerodhaRedirect controller. not in base controller / . so this request_token will not be able to process inside base controller. base controller is primarily for just redirecting to appropriate rout…