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  • Awaiting the response from Kite team.
  • Hi @sujith, I understand the token process. By saying that there is no response, can I just authenticate the login and close the browser? Even if the browser is open and the message is session invalid, is the token still valid? Thanks
  • Thanks @sujith . Looking forward for MCX BO support at the earliest. --Thanks.
  • Thanks @sujith. I got it from the java documentation but i have tagged this to general API rather than java. So from the connect docs, using curl, i see this as the way. curl --request DELETE \ "https://api.kite.trade/orders/co/151220000000000?…
  • Thanks @sujith. Clicking on the link gets me public void cancelOrder(KiteConnect kiteConnect) throws KiteException, IOException { // Order modify request will return order model which will contain only order_id. // Cancel order w…
  • Thanks @sujith. Can you let me know the signature of cancelOrder method? The method takes 3 parameters. I assume cancelling CO and BO are the same. --Thanks.
  • Thanks @sujith for the response. So if there is a problem from my end for live data, i need to rectify via historical data. What about the case if there is a problem from your end? Also, what is the current status of mcx historical data? Posing th…
    in market data Comment by bk18 October 2017
  • Hi @naveengarg, can you share the FreeAPI. Most important question - is it reliable and is it really live data? --Thanks.
  • Thanks @sujith. How about the first part? "assume due to some reasons i miss 10-15 minutes of live data? How can i get that data - 1)during market hours? 2)after market hours? ". --Thanks.
    in market data Comment by bk18 October 2017
  • Thanks @sujith. I hope to get them via API and all the calls would be before or after market hours. If there is a specific time, good for such calls, let me know, Also, how about MCX? --Thanks.
  • Thanks @sujith, @Kailash for the updates. Looking forward for more 3.0 release updates. Also, for the historical data API, the documentation says "from" and "to" period. I assume "to" can be yesterday. But what is the initial "from" - i mean the ve…
  • Thanks @Kailash. I shall use websocket streaming provided the structure has tick data second/milliseconds. I do not find any date/time stamp in the packet structure. Can you throw some light on how to map every streamed tick data to a second with th…
  • Hi, If i use Market API or REST API to get live data - is that a problem? I mean for every second, open a connection, make the API call, get the response and close the connection. I understand this may not be the desired way, but can we do it that …
  • Hi, Thanks for launching bulk fetch. After going through the post, it looks like websocket is not needed. We can get market quotes using REST call itself(bulk, up to 200 instruments). Let me know if this is wrong. --Thanks.