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  • It will also be fine if it can redirect to the page, and let me enter credentials and then reads the request token from there.
  • Need to check... But you remember one two days before I found same for CANBK
  • @radharani1306 You need to first sign up for Kite Connect by paying its fees. Then check docs to get more idea regarding KiteConnect library of various languages. But the most important thing is that you should have a strategy that can be coded.
  • @vischenera documentation is same. However if you have knowledge of VBA you will be able to understand by KiteXl functions itself. No worries. All RTD functions are listed in MarketWatch.
  • @HAs For this you can write macro/function to run GetHistData() subroutine every hour, passing required parameters. For other idea @HowUTrade may help.
  • @vischenera Please refer below links @HowUTrade Feel free to update on this reply.
  • For SL and target you can write order functions with if condition that other should get cancelled if either SL or target hits ( One cancels other ) For trail sl you can use modify regular order function with condition. I would suggest to use Bracket…
  • I think if you place opposite order with same quantities at market price, that should exit normal order. that's why there are no other functions than place and modify for regular orders. Do this with 1 quantity in equity and let me know if it works.
  • @HowUTrade Thank you..resolved both codes. Instead of calling through Application.OnTime when called directly ExitAll() could exit all orders except one. Perhaps that was due to async. What does Isresetsignal mean? 2. Any way to know if an open …
  • @HowUTrade thanks for your great help. 1. As per above suggestion, I have written below UDF to cancel a bracket order unexecuted in 15 mins. But it returns #VALUE instead of "" . Please rectify the code. Public Function CANCEL15MINS(ByVal Exch As …
  • @HAs you can apply only fixed stop loss and target orders for normal orders, and will have too manually trail SLs. You should use bracket orders for your requirement.
  • Open any other file. If gives recover option, recover it.
  • @HowUTrade Any idea to auto cancel a bracket order if hasn't been executed within 10-15 mins of its placement?
  • @HowUTrade Thank you for your valuable comments. Seems that islive is taking value from B24 of Excel_Template, but unable to find where it is defined. Seems that OHLC fields of market watch are updating slowly as compared to LTP. where and how can…
  • @HowUTrade Thanks a lot for your to-the-point response. Some doubt remain. This is my first week as a Kite developer, and have gone through almost all the vba posts in this forum. I appreciate your work and support as kiteXl. (a) If I understan…
  • @HowUTrade Thanks for your response. Please also guide - (a) In the Excel_Template sheet (bridge functions) below formula is mentioned to get bridge mtm. =GetMtmBridge(E3, F3, StgyCode,"XLBRIDGE",IsLive, H3) How to assign any strategy a code? (b…
  • @mahesh_sree you can do this in following way: 1. First create an userform for buy sell 2. Create two functions one for buy and one for sell, call that userform in these functions, with buy /sell enabled 3. call that udf in two cell, e.g. =buy(),…