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  • @tahseen , If we need to fetch 5 minutes candle/RSI, how far do we need to go back to match it up with Zerodha?
  • i don't think that you can ever match RSI with Zerodha as It is all relative EMA starting from unknown date. Best solution is to fetch RSI record from third party API as there is no RSI based API available in Zerodha. I am also looking for same solu…
  • after hours, kite historical api returns 1 minute candle records all time. can you please check from your end with 5 minutes candle.
  • TataSteel: It is showing 1 minute candle record instead of 5minute. return value: { "status": "success", "data": { "c…
  • this is the complete code base, List orders = kite.GetOrders().Where(o => o.Status == "OPEN" && scriptNames.Contains(o.Exchange + ":" + o.Tradingsymbol) && o.ParentOrderId != "").ToList(); writeLog(logFile, "End kite.…
  • Nothing is happening. here is the code snippet List orders = kite.GetOrders().Where(o => o.Status == "OPEN" && scriptNames.Contains(o.Exchange + ":" + o.Tradingsymbol) && o.ParentOrderId != "").ToList(); if (order.Product == "C…
  • I can't close CO position with code. My Code snippet is kite.CancelOrder(order.OrderId, Constants.VARIETY_CO, order.ParentOrderId); please correct my code.
  • Please check first 9:15 candle record from your database. API returns RED candle
  • It works as expected. Thank you.
  • i was getting "MIS / BO / CO orders are blocked for this instrument (try CNC / NRML) or it has been restricted from trading." for CDSL. It is there for allowed list for a long time and still getting denied trade signal
  • Thank you. It makes sense now.
  • so, if we cancel all open BO orders, does it auto square off the current position for BO?
  • This is for current and future events. how can we achieve it for past records?
  • does API support second ""?
  • I am not using Tread sleep or task delay method as somehow it was not working with windows for multiple treads. I am using below method to sleep the process for some milliseconds. public void wait(int milliseconds) { System.Windo…
  • I don't understand what you are saying but I am getting Ticker "OnError", "OnReconnect" while making call "kite.GetOrderHistory" simultaneously.
  • none of the instrument Id returning.
  • If we place any order of 500 or any bigger quantity of any stock at market price, Will it generate only one order Id or multiple order Id?
  • Thanks. I got it now. I was confused between request token and response token.
  • @sujith , A request token is valid for a couple of minutes and can be used only once. You should not request for access token for every run. Once you get access token store it in a file or app preferences and re-use it. You said that token can be u…
  • Why does same token is not working for further login? It should work as per your forum posted in some of the threads. P.S. I am trying after hours.
  • Do we have any API to get access token from console application which will fulfill two factor authentication automatically? Long story short, I need to make automation process to get new token and provide to job for re-start whole batch again where …
  • For enabling re-connection, do we need to authorize API with new token again ? please guide me to handle this condition as this is very critical part of whole code.
  • Algo stop working in between. Do we need to monitor screen all time to check Timeout or any other error from KITE API? Here is the log from todays' job. It was stopped working on 1:45 PM. Log time are based on EST as server is hosted on US datacente…
  • i am having the same issue
  • This is what got it from your site. Console.WriteLine("Order Id: " + response["data"]["order_id"]); Can you please send me all possible parameter for response ? I don't want to place any dummy order to know/code it