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  • @Kailash I was able to correctly filter out the orders i wanted to cancel. Currently getting an exception #1kite.order_cancel("1200000001907812", variety="bo") raise(exp(data["message"], code=r.status_code)) OrderException: MSG_FAILURE #2kit…
  • @Kailash As i see in my kite orderbook, there are 2 types of BO orders (irrespective of filled or partial). One is BO-BUY-OPEN and the other is BO-SELL-OPEN, I want to cancel the BO-BUY-OPEN which is essentially the pending BO orders. If i filter …
  • @sujith I am trying to code the logic of 1) Cancelling BO orders that never got triggered and 2) Cancelling Partial lot (volume) BO orders that were not triggered i.e. For the remaining volume the order is still not executed. I see the status a…
  • Thanks Sujith, You can close this thread -SR
  • Hi There are several people in Kite Connect Forum who have published their trade execution function logs for debug or as a question, Can it be assumed that all of them have got the required Trading approval of exchanges through Zerodha? -SR
  • Hi Sujith The reasoning you have given in your previous post, is it the same for the below NIFTY INDICES? I always get blank results when other indices have the correct data. Please check the below instruments from your csv dump 264201 NIFTY SMALL…
  • The issue was that i was evaluating proxy and non-proxy environment based on kite.connect API's output. I was expecting kite.connect (without proxy variable) to give an exception in a proxy environment. However kite.connect never erorred out and it …