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  • @rakshr It seems like many users ( @mrsspsurya , @[email protected], @saran88_tanvi ) who were using IE for login purpose facing issue. This problem is because IE is outdated. To fix this issue we need to use chrominum library cefSharp. I would…
  • If I try to hit login URL with api_key then it shows redirect URL. and When the same link if I try to hit in C# code is not working. as a response, I am getting a login URL with sess_id and there my code is getting broken. However, this behavior is…
  • Adding more details, Please below HTML response We're sorry but kite doesn't work properly without JavaScript enabled. Please enable it to continue. !function(){var e=document,t=e.createElement("script");if(!("noModule"in t)&&"onbeforelo…
  • I am able to create one min candle as we discussed above, but having problem with volume I tried to sum [Volume] and also tried with [LastQuantity] but it was not matching with zerodha chart. OHLC is matched with chart. Can you suggest me how shoul…
  • So on every tick i need chk last one min on tick records and from them i need to identify OHLC value. E.g first tick at 9:15:01 is my open value, Highest from record between 9:15:01 to 9:15:59 is my High Lowest from record between 9:15:01…