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  • @rakeshr Thank you. I will take care of this. Just to be sure, the order history request falls under Quote API, right? Also, is it possible to use multi threading with Kite Connect? As in, I would like to make a script in which one thread takes ca…
  • @Imran @rakeshr My algo keeps on disconnecting and reconnecting to the kiteconnect servers. I am using 5 if conditions which check the status of different orders using this functions: def get_status(oid): status = kite.order_hi…
  • @Imran @rakeshr Thankyou guys for your help
  • @Imran This is amazing! Good work. Keep it up!
  • @HowUTrade Thank you
    in Excel Help Comment by Parva October 2018
  • hey @Imran Thankyou for your response. Do you think this will affect the time of execution for the code which handles the buy and sell operations? (considering that it will have to search for this order_id from more than 100 or 200 orders)
  • @HowUTrade Can you please let me know about where can I find documentation about KiteXL (regarding it's capabilities and how to use it)? The link to your website on kite forums is not working.
    in Excel Help Comment by Parva October 2018
  • @rakeshr Thank you for your response. What I mean to ask is, let's say I have 100 orders in my order book and I want to check the status of only a single order using order_id. kite.orders() : this will give me the complete order book kite.ord…
  • @sujith Is there any way to retrieve status of a specific order using order_id?
  • Thanks @Imran for responding. I tried this: `if company_data['timestamp'].minute%ohlc[company_data['instrument_token']][5] == 0 and company_data['timestamp'].second==59 and ohlc[company_data['instrument_token']][4] == False: cnt = cnt+1` This …
  • Works Great now. Also, I am trying to calculate candles using a script but if this disconnect and reconnect happens in the middle, I get wrong data in my calculations. Any solution you can think of for this problem?
  • Hey @techietrader Is there any update on supertrend code for live markets? TIA
  • Hey @Imran Can you please tell me what Percentage Increment Decrement and buy and sell percentage distribution signify? Thankyou
  • Hello @Imran Thanks a lot for such a quick response and an amazing code. Learnt a lot from this code. Why the semi colons(;) though? From what I understand is, this code is for backtesting EMA crossovers. (Correct me if I am wrong). Can you please…