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  • @rakeshhr: You have unilaterally decided for a user this thread is linked to the current thread because you are in a hurry to close the contentious one. The last comments made by you here are also incorrect. The current thread was opened on Oct 7 an…
  • @sujith: What is mentioned in first para is understood and respected without any doubt. However, since you and other admins/moderators represent Zerodha, it is not an ethical practice to ignore a thread from someone whose is providing a feedback and…
  • Thank you for the FAQ's. I appreciate sending me some pointers to consider. Those, however, did not resolve the issue.
  • @rakeshr: Just for the record, that did not help. And, that is okay. It is not easy to determine the issue in remote and offline environment. BTW, I mentioned in my post that I need multi-threading.
  • @sujith: Thumbs down ! After market hours, the web socket connection was established on its own. Instead of admitting that there can be some issue with Zerodha servers, or, allowing other admins to help, you send an unsolicited reply to my thread. …
  • @sujith: I am looking for precise and timely Zerodha support on Kite API. I think that is reasonable to expect. KiteTicker.connect(), an API call, is failing to connect. I have attached my code only because it helps to understand and locate the iss…
  • I am endlessly waiting for hints to help troubleshoot. Why is the kiteticker.connect() call not going through?
  • Yes, I do that in shown as follows: import ticker ticker.getticks(apikey, data['access_token']) def getticks(apikey, accesstoken): kt = KiteTicker(api_key=apikey, access_token=accesstoken) logging.basicConfig(level…
  • @rakeshr Thank you for your reply. Since I am very new to python and KiteConnect, some follow-up questions on the kite.instruments() method and the curl command: Question 1: Python script Shouldn't the kite.instruments() call, download the instrum…