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  • okays it shows my account is dormant ."message":"NSE is disabled for your account". It needs to activate again I believe
  • Thanks ... its working now.
  • sorry to flooding with messages. I did enabled logging and got below error message. Not sure why it is asking for TOTP. I have to setup this and For every order I have to enter code? {"status":"error","message":"TOTP is mandatory to place orders on…
  • I did enable logging using "KiteConnect.ENABLE_LOGGING = true;" and catching exception ... but still gives same stacktrace which I mentioned above. try { KiteCommons.getInstance().placeOrder(); } catch (KiteException e) { // TODO Auto-g…
  • Dude I tried with all permutation combination ... for your reference I did specifically tried with what u have told still gives error OrderParams orderParams = new OrderParams(); orderParams.quantity = 1; orderParams.orderType = Con…
  • That was just illustration purpose. I did tried with multiple values. Now we are debugging so I did change price value to 116.20 but still give order exception error. OrderParams orderParams = new OrderParams(); orderParams.quantity = 1; …
  • I already had done this ... as I mentioned I also have disconnect and reconnect even though it gives subscribed token results ... not sure if this has been tested correctly. I am getting market depth value as blank using tick.getMarketDepth() method…