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  • pc7

    Can you please share what is the current logic by which ticks are being generated and streamed ?
    I am asking in reference to your post :

    has the logic undergone any change since Dec 16 ?
    Is 1 second still the least count at which we get market updates ? So any trades done in that second will not be visible under any mode (Full, Quote or LTP) ?
    Under FULL MODE, will we receive a tick at end of 1 sec if there is change in Volume or Market depth too ?
    January 2019
  • hiralzala
    hiralzala 11:55AM Flag

    I am little bit confuse regarding my below query.

    Q. Can I get Last Minute Opening, High, Low and Close Price of Particular Stock?
    A. The stream is ephemeral, so you wouldn't get data for the previous minute. However, we do offer a historical data API that you can use to fetch past data. This is offered as an addon to the execution APIs charged at an additional Rs. 2000 per app, per month.

    as per my understanding there is below function in API.

    public void getHistoricalData(KiteConnect kiteConnect) throws KiteException {
    Map param8 = new HashMap(){
    put("continuous", 0);
    put("from", "2017-10-09 15:00:00");
    put("to", "2017-10-09 15:03:00");
    HistoricalData historicalData = kiteConnect.getHistoricalData(param8, "256265", "3minute");

    Can I get previous data of three minute candle from above function?
    January 2018

    Did you grant historical data access? Why is it taking so much time for such a simple thing.
    December 2016