For startups

Trade with your favorite programming language using our HTTP/JSON APIs.

What is it for?

Building innovating trading and investment platforms. You can use the Kite Connect APIs to execute real orders, obtain live market data, manage portfolios and more. Make your platform market execution ready within minutes without the hassles of being a brokerage yourself.

In addition, via Kite Connect, your platform immediately becomes open to 4+ million clients of Zerodha who can sign in and execute trades with just a few clicks.


Building technology for capital markets is hard due to the lack of an open, technological framework, and the large number of regulatory details. Obtaining a broking license and setting up a brokerage is a mammoth of a task, time, cost, and effort wise.

We have gone through this ourselves, and half a decade worth of effort and experience have lead us to open up our infrastructure and framework to the world to foster innovation in the otherwise stagnant investmentTech industry in India.

We're pioneering the concept of delivering end-to-end broking as a service, from onboarding, KYC and account opening, to customer support. You can build your innovative investment platform using our APIs and have us deal with the operational and regulatory details.

With Kite Connect, kick-starting an investmentTech product can now be done in minutes!

Do I need approvals?

Yes. You will need to obtain necessary exchange approvals for your platform once it is ready. Zerodha can assist you in the process.

Are there any fees?

If your platform is targeted at the mass retail market, you can get the APIs free of cost. To discuss commercials, please write to [email protected]

What about revenue sharing?

Please write to [email protected] to know more.

How do I get my API keys?

Kite Publisher

With a few lines of HTML and Javascript, embed trade buttons on your website and mobile app, and allow visitors to execute trades with just a couple clicks. Earn a revenue share for the trades executed through your Kite buttons.

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