Postback: (i) Does it have an 'OPEN' status? (ii) What is unfulfilled_quantity?

swas99 edited July 19 in Java client
Hi, I am testing out POSTBACK and have seen that the updates sent to my postback_url does not have any update with 'OPEN' status. The messages received by my POSTBACK_URL have status = [ 'COMPLETE', 'CANCELLED', 'UPDATE'].
I have seen status 'OPEN' & 'REJECTED' when using WebSockets.

Q1> Is the 'OPEN' status skipped when updates are sent to POSTBACK_URL?
This is fine if KiteOrderId is returned at the time of placing order.
Order order = kiteConnect.placeOrder(orderParams, variety);
if(order.orderId == null || order.orderId.isEmpty()) {
Q1.1> Is kiteConnect.placeOrder(orderParams, variety); guaranteed to return a valid KiteOrderId if the order went through(no exception thrown)?

Q2> Will the POSTBACK_URL receive an update with status = ''REJECTED'' if I try to sell 100 quantities of Stock A when I have 0 quantities of Stock A?

Q3> If updates for "REJECTED" orders are sent the same way as for Websockets, which field will reflect this rejected-quantity? (Is it unfilled_quantity)? For cancelled-orders, the field cancelled_quantity reflects this)

Looking forward to your response.

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