Error while getting positions

arjunender edited July 2021 in .Net API client

Receiving Unable to parse data. while getting positions

KiteConnect.PositionResponse positionResponse = kite.GetPositions();

Unable to parse data. {"tradingsymbol":"ACC21JULFUT","exchange":"NFO","instrument_token":13615106,"product":"NRML","quantity":1000,"overnight_quantity":1000,"multiplier":1,"average_price":2037.25,"close_price":2315.25,"last_price":2290.3,"value":-2037250,"pnl":253050,"m2m":-24950,"unrealised":253050,"realised":0,"buy_quantity":1000,"buy_price":2037.25,"buy_value":2037250,"buy_m2m":2315250,"sell_quantity":0,"sell_price":0,"sell_value":0,"sell_m2m":0,"day_buy_quantity":0,"day_buy_price":0,"day_buy_value":0,"day_sell_quantity":0,"day_sell_price":0,"day_sell_value":0}


  • tonystark
    Which version of library are you using?
  • arjunender
    I am using kite 3.0

    the same was working before
  • tonystark
    Could check if it is 3.0.7? If not try upgrading to that.
  • tonystark
    If that didn't work create Kite object with debug mode like this: new Kite("apikey", Debug: true); which will print logs of the responses from server. Paste position response here. It should be something like DEBUG: 200 {"status":"success","data":{"net": [], "day": []}}

    We will check what is going wrong.
  • arjunender
    will update and get back

    thanks tony

  • arjunender
    Updated to 3.0.7 and it worked

    Thanks Tony
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