How to get Order ID?

We are using Publisher to post order its basket order , in "tag" parameter we are passing our "Order ID" .
My question is
1.Once Order is success Can I get "Zerodha Order ID" once i placed order using Publisher?
2.How I will get my Order ID passed in "tag" parameter.

Thanks in Advance
Parag Chitodkar
  • tahseen

    I know on in python client, you have a call back function on_update and using that, you can get executed orders call back. In that JSON data you can get what you want

    Am sure it would be applicable similarly in any other client that is being used. I guess you are talking about PHP client
  • developer
    In Publisher there is only two function finished & authHoldings
  • tahseen
    I have never used Publisher based stuff you are mentioning. But am sure in that case you would have option to create your call back API and configure it in the Kite Trade Dashboard. Every time order gets executed, your API would be called with data
  • developer
    Is Kite Trade Dashboard is different than Developer Kite Dashboard or same ?
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