Need a readymade python code for pulling live data

I need readymade python code to pull live data and write it to a dataframe without interrupting live stream.

Willing to pay for that. Also, need a fresher coder in Python who could work on low cost basis for my ideas currently being funded from personal pocket. Can explore sharing benefits in future if willing to work for long term. But for that you must be excellent in subject matter of coding. Finance and concepts of domain is my responsibility. I am a finance professional with elementary python coding learnt very recently. Not sufficient to build something quickly and neatly like a developer. Somehow some things are made to work.

Only serious young guys may find it exciting.

Thanks in advance
  • DD1365
    I am a full time developer and have been trading since 2012. I am a Zerodha client since 2015 and have been profitably running Cloud based Intraday and Positional Trading and Investing Algorithms for Index F&O and Stocks since past 3 years. I design, deploy, and manage algorithms for myself, many retail clients and few prop desks. Anyone needing my support can reach me at: +91-9749-521-023 [email protected]
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