Tech Start-up: Need Python Developer-only from Bangalore

Tech Start-up: Need Python Developer-only from Bangalore

We are a team of Tech guys and Fund managers and are in the process of creating a good Algo product with complete customization as per user needs. We are planning to cater our Algo services to only HNIs and Fund houses.
Developers should have good hands-on experience in creating Algos.
Need to show demo of existing Algos developed by him/her.
Should be willing to meet and discuss strategies.
Contact only if you are based in Bangalore.
Please reach out to me@7660942145, 8496919719 to discuss further on pay and growth potential.
  • DD1365
    DD1365 edited January 2022
    I am a full time developer and have been trading since 2012. I am a Zerodha client since 2015 and have been profitably running Cloud based Intraday and Positional Trading and Investing Algorithms for Index F&O and Stocks since past 3 years. I design, deploy, and manage algorithms for myself, many retail clients and few prop desks. Anyone needing my support can reach me at: +91-9749-521-023 [email protected]

    #developer #quant #developeralgo #development
  • cdesai1987
    Contact me for the best algo developed in India @ 9-8-5-0--0-7-3-2-1-7* at [email protected]
    This algo is purely developed on the cash market stocks based on the preopen prices. All orders are CO Orders and are fully automated.
  • naveen278
    Reach out to me at 9980763496 I am from Bangalore can code your strategy.
  • decoder_12
    Watch this playlist of Zerodha API Implementation in python:
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