***Need Algo****

Looking for a dependable consistent 1% return algo . If any one has it they can respond to 9963012311.
  • er_saurabhdixit
    Hello Friend,

    If you are looking for exploring new horizons in world of Algo trading then please visit - https://www.finnovesh.com/
  • AnastasiaSin
    Can he ask a newbie ?!) How can an algorithm provide constant profitability? It seems to me that this is not possible
  • CARahulPatel
    Is this Monthly or Daily?
    Whats capital allocation?
    You can reach me on Whats App +91 9558891003 for discussion.
  • DD1365
    I am a full time developer and have been trading since 2012. I am a Zerodha client since 2015 and have been profitably running Cloud based Intraday and Positional Trading and Investing Algorithms for Indices and Stocks since past 3+ years. I design, deploy, and manage algorithms for myself, and various retail clients and prop traders. Anyone needing my support can reach me at: +91-9749-521-023 [email protected]
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