GTT order type

Dear Support,
What is the exact value for this field "params.trigger_type"
doc says:
GTT type, its either self.GTT_TYPE_OCO or self.GTT_TYPE_SINGLE

should i use

trigger_type: 'self.GTT_TYPE_OCO'

I am asking this because in java API the variable name seems to be different. just want to double confirm, pls help

  • sunderskite
    Ok, there was a link to source and I was able to deduce that I had to use it the way it is mentioned in the document, but in reality I got this error


    Log from rest client
    Error: Invalid `params.trigger_type`
       at KiteConnect.self._getGTTPayload (/home/ubunt
    -code snippet-
    const params = {
    trigger_type: 'self.GTT_TYPE_OCO',
    5 other parameters..

    Api call

    Please suggest
  • sunderskite
    Found that. correct value is "two-leg" and the call is going thru
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