GTT End Point Returns 400

Vishesh edited January 2022 in Python client
Doing a HTTP post to :url = ""

PAYLOAD: {'type': 'two-leg', 'condition': '{"exchange":"NFO", "tradingsymbol":"NIFTY22JAN17950CE", "trigger_values":[201.0,231.0], "last_price": 226.0}', 'orders': '[{"exchange":"NFO", "tradingsymbol": "NIFTY22JAN17950CE", "transaction_type": "SELL", "quantity": 50.0, "order_type": "LIMIT","product": "NRML", "price": 201.0},{"exchange":"NFO", "tradingsymbol": "NIFTY22JAN17950CE", "transaction_type": "SELL", "quantity": 50.0, "order_type": "LIMIT","product": "NRML", "price": 231.0}]'}

RESPONSE comes back as "<<Response [400]>>"

Any idea what is wrong?
  • Vishesh
    sorted... quantity needed to be in integer and not float.

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