GTT replay

Dear Support,

In the process of testing GTT calls, I ended up placing several GTT that I later logged into kite and deleted all of them, I deleted the stocks and also deleted the GTT orders. But after a few mintues (5 or less), I got a kite notification on my mobile notifying that a GTT was triggered.
1. Is it ok to place orders over API and then delete them from Kite UI?
2. why did the trigger get triggered after I deleted them? Any ideas or is there anything to worry about?

    1. Yes,it is ok to place orders from api and then cancel them from web or app . I have done this several times.

    2. Are you sure you didn't accidentally left any order open or maybe your code would be running,and it placed another order afterwards??
    If you're sure that there was no error from your side,then you should write here:
    or ask here:
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