Historical Data download for more than 2000 days

Tamilhp edited January 2022 in General
I created a python program to automatically download and store data for any number of days, both intraday and daily.

Download it in the following GitHub repository and refer the instructions in the read.me and customize accordingly

    SRIJAN edited January 2022
    This is great. Nice Work. It was very hard to
    download historical data for more than the limit set by KiteConnect before this. ThankYou.. o:)
  • rambo
    what are these imports?
    import pandas as pd
    import datetime as dt
    import numpy as np
  • Tamilhp
    pandas to download the data as dataframe...
    datetime for enter the required dates
    numpy for computation
  • Tamilhp
    I am relatively an absolute beginner in both programming and algorithmic trading... Just started learning everything from scratch from Dec 2021.
    Forgive me if there's any redundancy in my program. Suggestions are welcome
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