Gold Options data unavailable for some options


I was trying to fetch historical data for some of the GOLD options but it seems like API returns no data. I checked the same on kite and even on kite data is not available for same instruments.

Is this a bug or some configuration issue? See attached images form Kite and while using .NET client.

Instrument - GOLD JAN 48200 CE, timeframe - 21 Jan 5 min candles

Can anyone clarify please?
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    There was no trading,so no candles. Check the last traded time.
  • vibhore
    @SRIJAN I am checking for Friday not today. Data is available for other GOLD options for same timeframe. No info is available even about LTT. You can check the same on Kite too right now. It seems broken.
  • vibhore
    Ok. So looks like option is illiquid.
    The last trade time is 19 jan.
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