Why OI for a strike seems to be different depending on how/where I see it?

Hello Experts,

So, the thing is, I tried different channels to see OI, but I see it's different everywhere. What am I missing

Here are examples:

From kite API:
From: Sensibull:
From NSE India:

Pranav Wagh

PS: I apologize for probable naivety
    https://tradingqna.com/t/is-the-live-open-interest-oi-data-being-provided-by-exchanges-correct/7208 .Sensibull might be fetching oi data from NSE website directly. About the NSE site,the oi is in lots instead of total quantity as shown in Zerodha or Sensibull. If you multiply NSE OI by 50, you will get the same numbers Sensibull is showing.
  • pranavwagh
    That explains Sensibull and NSE side. Thanks, but API results still don't match with it. Do you mean to say that the API still shows the OI numbers from 3:29 PM (prior to market close)? and NSE site ( and Zerodha ) updates it based on what happened post market close? [but if that's the case, timestamp should have been different, isn't it?]
    SRIJAN edited March 2022
    Yes,OI in Zerodha is the oi of the last closing tick of 15:29:59. It will update next day. But,NSE updates the data in the evening.
  • pranavwagh
    Okay.. thanks for your help @SRIJAN
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