SilverMicFuture trading using kite api

Hi I am trying to buy a lot of SILVERMIC22JUNFUT using kite api. order_id = kite.place_order( tradingsymbol="SILVERMIC22JUNFUT", exchange=kite.EXCHANGE_MCX, transaction_type=kite.TRANSACTION_TYPE_BUY, quantity=1, variety=kite.VARIETY_REGULAR, order_type=kite.ORDER_TYPE_LIMIT, product=kite.PRODUCT_NRML, validity=kite.VALIDITY_DAY, price=71170) the above code worked for all other orders but MCX exchange. its giving me following error: kiteconnect.exceptions.InputException: Instrument is invalid. I am pretty sure and have checked the tradingsymbol 2-3 times. its correct. then why am I getting this error. please help. Thanks.
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