Issue with getting the Request token/access token while automating the login flow after manual login

babkaa edited April 2022 in Python client
I am trying to automate the login flow (after logging in manually as per required mandate).

I am running 4 different python scripts as part of my algo. Currently not able to get the request_token from python code. Can you please help out.

I want these 4 scripts to get the request tokens at runtime and get executed instead of me manually having to go to the link on browser and manually copy the request token and then create a session.
Can you please help me over here.
    Exchange mandates the user to login manually once a day. You can login once in the morning,get access token and use it for all subsequent requests throughout the day.
  • babkaa
    Thanks for the prompt response. I am logging into
    After that how do I get the request and access tokens for running the scripts.

    sorry for being a NOOB here
    You can learn login flow here:

    You can also refer this video:
  • babkaa
    Able to do it now.

    Cannot thank you enough for the video with step by step details.
    Was a pleasure from my side.

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