Holdings returning different instrument tokens

Using the method I am fetching my holdings on a daily basis before market opens.
As I buy and sell regularly, this changes often so it makes more sense to get the latest holdings from Kite.

I have noticed that the instrument token in holdings is changing.

For eg:
Yesterday, the instrument token for AARTIIND yesterday was 1793
Today, the instrument token was 134197252
I am holding this since 2020-03-23

Yesterday the instrument token for AXISBANK was 1510401
Today, the instrument token was 136247044
I am holding this since 2020-04-01

And similarly a few more.

What can I use from the response structure that will not change on a day to day basis.

I have some trades which are to be sold and some which are to be kept.
For those that have to be sold, I would like to use the Orders API to place trades into the market.

This is what I tried doing which did not work.
I got the list of all the tokens and put them into a python file.
My longterm list will not change.

longterm = [
134197252, #AARTIIND,
136247044, #AXISBANK

I would filter out these longterm trades from the daily holdings.
This did not work since the instrument token changed.

Since I have many stocks in my holdings, I do not want to manually check through the list every day.

What are my options?

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