Error parsing response (kt-oms)

facing this error a couple of times a week ..issue is not resolved even after handling the error and retrying

DataException: Error parsing response (kt-oms)

    SRIJAN edited April 2022
    This means OMS hasn't responded to the request sent . Are you fetching margins multiple times ??
    If yes,then you can add some delay and then retry or as an alternative, fetch funds value at the start of the trading day and keep reducing the required order placed amount, which you can fetch from the order margin API.
  • srinidhihebbar
    srinidhihebbar edited April 2022
    I am fetching few times a day once in the morning and once after every order update i place close to 8 orders a day ,I am not polling margins multiple times a second
    You have to handle the exception and retry after some delay.
  • raghav1987
    Hi, I received this error as well today. Can this exception occur at other times as well? Eg if we're placing an order or requesting order details?
    Yes, it's possible. Although, this error rarely occurs .
  • DD1365
    Such exceptions keep occurring with all API calls and that's completely normal. Hence ALWAYS use try except while posting any API call.
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