WebSocket Connection Error


I am developing flutter app , there previously very rarely i found the error of socket connection not established but now this error is very request and i am not able to see the prices and everything because of the data.

So please have a look into this
    This isn't sufficient.
    Paste the complete stacktrace or debug logs .
  • Mohak
    Mohak edited April 2022
    This was the error "Unhandled Exception: WebSocketChannelException: WebSocketChannelException: WebSocketException: Connection to 'https://ws.kite.trade:0/?api_key=XXXXXX&access_token=XXXXX#' was not upgraded to websocket"
    SRIJAN edited April 2022
    First of all, mask your app credentials when posting on any forum.
    Second, these are not KiteTicker errors.
    Post the exact KiteTicker stacktrace or debug logs. Atleast,tell the error code you are getting.
  • Mohak
    Actually, this is the error I am getting in my flutter app console .
  • Mohak
    previously it happens very rarely but now it happens frequently
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