How to check a Stock Price

Hi All ,
I need following info:-

a) What is the JAVA API to check the current stock price?
b) How do I check the stocks current quantity buying, selling ?
c) How do I check what is the stock PE, EPS, Revenue, Profit/Loss, etc for the last 5 years?
d) What is the advantage of using WebSocket instead of Kiteconnect?
    SRIJAN edited June 2022
    a). getLTP or websocket

    b).getQuote or websocket

    Refer the complete documentation here:

    c). Fundamentals are not provided by KiteConnect.

    d. Websocket is used to stream quotes,listen to all the ticks , whereas other APIs provide snapshot data.

    You can know more here:
  • vvishal
    I am able to connect to websocket. I get only true message in apache netbeans. I dont see any of the stock rpice or nothing going by the example given on kite connect. Since it has a listener why on ticks it does not show any data like price, volume
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