Looking for a collaborator for backtesting and learning about quant

Hi guys,

So I am new to quantitative/algo trading. But have around 2 years of experience in the markets, and about 1 year in Python.
I am trying to backtest a strategy and learn things along the way.

Would anybody like to collaborate?
  • er_saurabhdixit
    er_saurabhdixit edited June 2022
  • finnovesh
    Hello Friend,

    If you are a manual trader & want to automate your trade execution i.e. buy/sell on the stock market without any human intervention, then please visit -> https://www.finnovesh.com

    Being a manual trader, it's difficult to manage multiple strategies at the same time during market hours, so we work with manual traders & automated their process of identifying the trade & subsequently placing it in the market as well, for both single or multiple accounts.

    On our website, we have hosted couple of videos which will help you understand who we are & how do we manage the complete system.

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    Happy trading !
    Team Finnovesh
  • AmazeAlgos
    You may reach on amazealgos telegram ID. We can help you with the coding of custom strategies/ backtest or you can also use our ready made Algos.
  • aadityaj11
    I am looking for Historical Option data. If you get the data, do let me know. We can share the cost if required.
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