Order cancelled successfully but Not Cancelled

We had requested for order cancellation for Order id: 220609200572856 as per using Python Kiteconnect (v:3.9.2).

Your Response- Your order cancelled successfully


Even after cancellation of the said order with a successful response, it failed to cancel the order from the market( which was not according to the kite documentation).
We received fills (completion) for this order.
After this happenstance we checked order history for the said order, one of the intermediate states “NOT CANCELED” is out of ordinary for us.
Kindly look into this issue - FYI we are following the standard practice of order cancellation as per kite documentation only
    SRIJAN edited June 2022
    The success status(200) in the API response indicates the cancellation request was successfully placed,i.e registered with the OMS.

    However, successful execution is not guaranteed.
    You can check the status_message field in the order_history of this order_id to know the reason for failure of cancellation request.
  • amarkantk
    status message is just showing "NOT CANCELLED". Its not showing any reason for the same.
    SRIJAN edited June 2022
    You have to check status_message field,not status field.

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