Need a Python developer with SQL knowledge to guide me on my Algo (paid)


To clarify, I don't require my strategy to be automated. I am learning to Python and trying to code my own strategy.
I have been following some tutorials and kite docs, but given that I am very new to this field, I have to spend a lot of time trying to google things to make stuff work.

So requesting a python developer with SQL knowledge to help me be able to finish the project. It's 75-80% done.
This will mostly be over a call with screen sharing so you can help me understand some bits of code, and help fill the gaps in my knowledge.

We can work out a fee for your time spent teaching me.

  • DD1365
    DD1365 edited July 2022
    Hello, I am a full time developer and have been running Cloud based Trading and Investing Algorithms for F&O and Stocks since past 3+ years. I design, deploy, and manage algorithms for various Indian and International HNI and prop-desk clients, and have extensive knowledge of full stack including Python, SQL, Advanced Excel and Cloud. You can reach me at: +91-9749-521-023 | [email protected] | [email protected]
  • naveen278
    You can reach out to me at 9980763496
  • decoder_12
    You can reach out to me : 9310395219
    Watch this playlist of Zerodha API Implementation in python :
  • naveen278
    You can reach out to me at 9980763496
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