Historical options data for current option symbols that have not expired

The historical API is not retruning any historical data for options that have NOT expired. I am trying to build a options trading system but unable to get current option data for last few weeks or months from the historical API. Please clarify what is the issue here? Is there another API that i should be using to fetch the options data for the last weeks for current and future expiries?
  • vinmittal
    From your documentation : It's important to note that the exchanges flush the instrument_token for futures and options contracts for every expiry. For instance, NIFTYJAN18FUT and NIFTYFEB18FUT will have different instrument tokens although their underlying contract is the same. The instrument master API only returns instrument_tokens for contracts that are live. It is not possible to retrieve instrument_tokens for expired contracts from the API, unless you regularly download and cache them.

    > And i am only asking for the instrument tokens that are yet to expire. No data is coming for live options using historical API
    Which are the instruments for which you are fetching data?
  • vinmittal
    Thanks, I did get the historical API working. So can confirm that it retreives the end of data data and also retrieves 1 minute data for symbols that are currently available. I was able to invoke historical API every five mins. etc. Thanks
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