Getting NFO dump for a particular expiry date

Hi Everyone
The below line of code gives me the complete dump of all instruments traded under NFO

self.instrument_dump = self.kite.instruments("NFO")

But I don't want the entire dump, I just need the dump corresponding to particular expiry [for eg, 28.07.2022]

Please let me know how to achieve this

    There is a expiry column in the instruments dump.

    You can use that to filter instruments for any expiry.
  • satheesh7134
    Hi Srijan

    I tried this code,but its giving error

    self.instrument_dump = self.kite.instruments("NFO")['expiry'] = "28-07-2022"

    Please advise the correct way to do this
    SRIJAN edited July 20
    Convert the instruments dump into a pandas dataframe and then you can sort easily.
  • Imran
    instrument = kite.instruments()
    instrument = pd.DataFrame(instrument)
    instrument['expiry'] = instrument['expiry'].astype(str)
    expiry_df = instrument[instrument['expiry'] == '2022-07-28']
  • satheesh7134

    Thanks. If I try to do this on the main code, it's taking lot of load, the execution is getting slowed
    So took all the dump into CSV file and retrieving from there
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