Application to run Strategy

Hi All,
I have a strategy which i want to get Automated with my Zerodha account.
Please let me know if any one has done the same. Would like to outsource the same for reasonable pricing.
Whatsapp me at 7414034955 or [email protected]
  • gaurmmec
    gaurmmec edited July 2022
    If you want to automate your trade execution i.e. buy/sell on the stock market without any human intervention, then please visit ->

    On our website, we have hosted couple of videos which will help you understand who we are & how do we manage the complete system.

    For automation of your strategies you can get in touch with us by filling up the contact form on our website.

    Happy trading !
    Team Finnovesh
  • naveen278
    Please you can reach out to me at 9980763496. Please note all strategies will work only for a period and cannot be sucessful always. Reach out to me for for a 99%full proof strategy.
  • ZerodhaAlgoTrading

    if you are looking for intraday straddle/strangle/closest premium then please have a look on these videos.

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