SMA / EMA not matching with ta-lib / excel calculations on same input data.

I am trying to calculate some indicators in my code but with the same input data , values of even SMA are coming different. I have tested it for SMA and EMA in Kite Charts vs ta-lib vs excel . have tried 2 configurations for SMA / EMA one being HL2 and another being Close.

Can some one please point me to the right direction here, because if it is not WYSISYG for me i have to rethink a lot of things about my strategy :)

Attached both the test scenarios here



Thanks in advance.
S1.JPG 213.4K
S2.JPG 224.2K
  • rekharani4610
    Based on feedback from a friend, checked the SMA values again in new session. SMA values are coming fine now, the only difference remains now is with EMA values. The same friend suggested to put in a longer series of candles for a near match in EMA, would test and update the forum.

    Updated Scenario 1:

    S3.JPG 213.8K
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