Token is invalid or has expired

Hi Team,
I can see several discussions regarding this title but I am not finding my answer. I am successfully getting access_token I also tried to get instruments and it's working but when I tried to get quotes I am getting "Invalid api_key or access_token". I am new I tried only these two APIs.
    SRIJAN edited July 28
    Check if you are using set_access_token method .
    Also,check if one of your api_key and access token or both is/are having null value.

    The instruments file link is public. It doesn't need your api_key/access token.
    It will work even if you pass incorrect api_key when initializing KiteConnect instance.
  • satyencareer
    satyencareer edited August 8
    Thank you very much for your help SRIJAN.

    I can not see lot size in quotes there is any way to get lot size for a particular instrument?
    SRIJAN edited August 8
    You can get lot size for any instrument from the instruments file.
  • satyencareer
    Thanks, SRIJAN. I already got this in another discussion.
    One more question.
    Do I have to pay more if I will build multi-user app with kite api?
    SRIJAN edited August 8
    No,you don't have to pay more,but by default the API is restricted to a single Zerodha user_id.

    For multi-user access,you can check with the compliance team . Write to kiteconnect(at) Make sure you include complete information about your product
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