Genuine : Algo with SL's for Strangle/Straddle/Closest Premium Strategies Available with AWS


We made Zerodha algo for intraday Straddle/Strangle/Closest Premium strategies (NIFTY / BANK NIFTY ) with AWS support .

Our features are :

1. We will not ask your strategy, you can set your own time and own stop loss by your own . We will explain how to set up so that you can do by your own. So that you will not have a fear that your strategy is going to reveal us. ABSOLUTELY NO
2. we will not ask your username/password while configure the Algo . ABSOLUTELY NO
3. You can customize the SL based on day as per your convenient
4. If you think somehow your strategy will make lose on particular day (high volatile days like RBI Event, Election Results etc) , simply you can login AWS console and stop the server so that orders will not fire on that day
5. We will provide support for AWS , how to modify the expiry date and how to start/stop the servers etc
6. We will setup order execution time based on your requirement
7. it will work for more than 10000 quantities as well . Based on the exchange limit it will split the each order (currently bank nifty freeze limit is : 1200 so every order will split with 1200 quantity ) . EVEN IT WILL WORK FOR 50cr
8. until 30 days we will support through zoom and clarify your doubts
9. It's our responsibility to set up AWS server and configure Algo (however you need to create AWS account with your details and provide to us)
10 . It will work as long as Zerodha API's are working.
11 . We don't have Auto square off feature - Because if we keep Auto square off feature you will rely on it and you won't pay much attention on Algo and if there is any problem in Algo/Broker/Exchange side you will not get to know. One More main reason is if your strategy is in profit by 1:00PM you can close as per your wish.

This is NOT a scam or trying to cheat people . This is 100% GENIUNE ALGO . We will give a demo before making payment , if you like then only we can proceed .

if you are interested, please reach out us @ [email protected]

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